Text Box: Automotive Diagnostic & Educational Products
For the 21st Century

Text Box: Automotive Diagnostic Solutions for the 21st Century

Text Box: Diagnostic
Super Tech
#1 Choice For 2010
OBDII Drive Cycles
OBDII Diagnostics

Text Box: Ultra Sonic
Super Tech
# 2 Choice for 2010
Auto Repair
Rocket Science!
Text Box: New             “OBD2DC©” (OBD2 Drive Cycle)
OBD II Drive Cycle  Computer Program for Windows
The only OBDII Drive cycle Windows program that has fast lookup, Monitor completion tips and complete printing for your test drive. All cars, light duty trucks to 2005. Hiway, City and monitor specific drive cycles. Essential information at the click of your mouse.
Developed by master technicians . MS .net 2005 capable. Pocket PC version available soon.                    Click here for the free Demo program
Sale $59.95  Order DC-2      Click here for  more info     A must for Emission repair

Text Box: OBD2DC

Text Box: In depth self study education on OBDII EOBD Diagnostics, authored by industry experts,  learn OBDII repair strategies and theory of operation. Includes the acclaimed Codefinder © a $99.95 value (DTC code lookup with threshold strategies, repair tips, sensor specs), a DLC Locator, Automotive math & circuit calculators, Transmission service guide, model specific service light reset procedures. BAC Calculator
More info…..   Sale was $299.95 NOW 99.95

Text Box: OBDII Diagnostics DVD
 With CodeFinder©

CodeFinder SampleGo to http://www.allview.com/aesreg.htm to register for a class in your area

Text Box: $5295.00 monthly Web special

Text Box: Interro PDA 2100A

Text Box: Complete Engine Analyzer
Conventional Ignition, DIS Ignition
COP Ignition, Cylinder Balance Tests
4 Channel Lab Scope, 6 Panel Meter
Charging System tests, Automatic Recording

Text Box: Smoke Pro Total Tech System   
only $995.00 ( call 800-483-5489 to place your order)
The only smoke machine for leak detection that makes a lot of smoke fast.  Uses ordinary baby oil for oil source that you can fill yourself, no extra fees. High Quality, small compact unit
Includes all leak adapters, even evap service port
Baby oil
Leak detection light
Extension 12v cord
Operator manual
Combine with AL101 Ultrasonic tool and have all of your leak detection and diagnostics covered with only two tools!

Text Box: Redline
Detection Products
Super Tech  Must
New Smoke   

Text Box: Find Quickly:
Vacuum leaks
Evap Emission  Leaks
AC Refrigerant Leaks
Ignition Misfires
Defective Injectors
Electrical Shorts
Poor Elect. Connections
Defective Bearings
Wind noises
Water leaks
Exhaust leaks & more

Text Box: Ultrasonic Diagnostics 
Top tool for 2007

Text Box: Call or email now to order 1-800-483-5489
It really works!

Text Box: Ultrasound Diagnostic Sale  $799.95
Finds Bad COP Coils, AC Leaks, Evap Leaks, Interior water leaks Fast

Text Box: “Just Gotta Have it”
Super Tech

Text Box: SPTC 
GAS Analyzers 
 Lab scope

Text Box: Complete 5 gas by SPTC
Portable, < 1 minute warm up
Exceeds BAR 97 Specs, assembled in USA
Options include RPM, Oil Temp, Diesel Smoke  Specs click here
Introductory Price 3595.00
Purchase by 1/31/2007 and receive 2 channel lab scope for free

Text Box: OBDII Codefinder © software for PC. Over 7000 codes. Type in the DTC  and you get back a description, why the code set, sensor specs and suggestions for repair. Authored by industry experts. Two versions basic and pro. Included free of charge are hybrid vehicle OEM codes.
Basic 39.95, Pro 49.95 (allows printing)
Email salea@allview.com Click here to download a trial version. Requires a separate download from Microsoft. You get ten free uses then purchase and registration is required.

Text Box: New Fanatastic buy Only $499.95 
2 Channel Labscope DVOM     DC to 1MHz Oscilloscope band width Sampling Time * Dual CH mode: 25 Ms/S * Single CH mode: 50 Ms/S Automatic Triggering. Automatic setting for horizontal and vertical division Roll and Single shot mode Excellent internal noise reduction Real time Update and Auto ranging. 45 shot reference waveform and setup memories  Built-in auto ranging True-RMS digital multi-meter Data hold and run mode. Extra Bright Back light display Low battery indication. Max. voltage between any Input and Ground: DC or AC 600Vpeak RS-232 interfaces for transferring measurement data and waveform. Display Type: Super-Twist 132 x 128 pixels

Text Box: Hands on Instruction at your facility

Text Box: Custom Instruction
for your facility.
6 Courses cover:
Ignition Diagnostics
Exhaust analysis
No code failure diagnostics
OBD II Drive Cycles
Service Advisor  new course
Text Box: Email us for Dates and Fees

Text Box: Phone 1-800-483-5489 to order  —    Email orders sales@allview.com

Text Box: 2012 Automotive Diagnostic Courses

Text Box: Educational Courses
Certification Classes
We also have Cal Gas
 Cal Gas Regulators
Exhaust Analyzer Sample probes
Gas Bench Sensors
02, NOx
Call for $$$

Text Box: .
Questions or comments? E-mail us at sales@allview.com or call 1-800-483-5489
Please Attend the Annual Vehicle Maintenance Management conference Click here for more info. This conference is a must for any technician. It has excellent up to date presentations on  industry related service and repair topics
 Visit our classified section for good quality used equipment, please click here

Text Box: Phone today or click here to enroll in a DOE AES Entry Level or Recertification Emission certification class.
Call:  425-483-6103 to register
Mail: Allview Services Inc
          2215 S Castle Way
          Lynnwood, Wa 98036
AES 2011 Course Dates
AES Tech click here to Register here for Class
We help you “keep it clean”

Text Box: Washington State AES Emission Certification Classes
New Courses for 2012
Text Box: Engine 

Text Box: Nex Tek Products

Text Box: $4550.00 while supplies last  Mainland USA, other locations slightly more. Call or email for Quotation

Text Box: Carman Scan VG       NEW for 2007

Text Box: Features:
Full Function Scan Tool, Engine Analyzer / Scope,
Complete Asian, USA Coverage
European add on available
4 Channel Color Lab Scope—Automatic sensor setups
Ignition Scope with 3D views secondary Ignition
Multi Meters with DVOM
Scan Graphing in color for trend analysis
Most complete enhanced data on Asian vehicles
OBDII generic with CAN
Actuator testing (output control)
Scan Self Diagnostics
Circuit Diagram tips, custom technician tips
Output to a monitor
LAN / Internet ready
Two USB Ports
Carman Scan VG is Very Good   New update Available

Text Box: More info….

Text Box: Order VG-1
Text Box: SenX

Text Box: Quick analysis of Cranking compression on any engine. Hooks to any lab scope.
Tests Fuel Injector Performance
Fast & Time saving

Text Box: Order FL-1

Text Box: FirstLook by Senx

Text Box: $389.95
Text Box: Carman Scan lite with Asian, USA and European $2195.00

Text Box: USA, Asian Full Function Scanner
European Available as option

Text Box: Carman Scan lite

Text Box: $1595.00

Text Box: SALE

Text Box: More Info

Text Box: Screen shot    More

Text Box:  
· Equipped with Global OBD2 functions indicating current data stream RS232C interface for software update
· Optional temperature and RPM interface for future expansion Measurement range:    HC:0 - 9999ppm    CO:0 - 10%    
· CO2:0 - 20 %    O2:0 - 25%    NO:0 - 5000ppm(5020)Accuracy:     HC :±12ppm or±5% (relative)    CO :±0.06% or±5% (relative)    CO2 : ±0.5% or±5% (relative)    O2 : ±0.1%or±5% (relative)    NO :±25ppm or±4% (relative)
· Resolution:HC:1 ppm CO:0.01 % CO2:0.01 % O2:0.01 % NO:1 ppm Response time: Less than10s NDIR. Warming up:10min Power: Rechargeable lithium cell inside  Weight: 2kg Dimension: 25×172×61mm

Text Box: Auto Boss 5 Gas  $2695.00 New Product

Text Box: Auto Boss Bore Scope  $1195.00 New Product

Text Box: 3.5” LCD 320 x 240 pixel, 5V operation, Rechargeable lipolymer battery, SD Card, NTSC Video output, Mpeg 4, JPEG 640x480, ASF video recording
A must for every modern repair facility!

Text Box: Auto Boss Products
Super Tech  Must

Text Box: XADO Products
Protects Engines
Hydraulic Systems
Fuel Systems
It Really Works

Text Box: Xado Gel for Gas and Diesel Engine  Requires three tubes to treat  8 Qt Oil Capacity 
Lasts 100,000 miles
Call 800-483-5489 to Place your order

Text Box: Dealer Inquiries welcome for Washington Distribution. Call 425-483-6103 to Inquire

Text Box: Gas Engines                           Diesel Engines         fuel Injection                       Gear Boxes     Transmission / Power Steering   Small Engine                Rifle Gun Barrel
3 required                               3 required                  2 required                             2 required               2 required                               1 required                               1 required

OBDII Codefinder Software